Play the UKs National Lottery (Lotto) for FREE

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Play the UK’s National Lottery (Lotto) for FREE

Next Saturdays UK National Lottery (Lotto) jackpot is estimated to be: £4.0 million

You can submit a FREE entry every day.

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FAQs - How does it work?

What is the Lotto?

Lotto is the UK's National Lottery. The UK's National Lottery is run by Camalot Ltd. and they have two Lottos draws per week. one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. FREE Cash Lotto is not associated with the UK's National Lottery (Lotto) in any way.

How do I enter for FREE?

Simply submit your entry on the "Play Lotto FREE" page. Join FREE or sign-in to your account, then visit the "Play lotto FREE" page and click the "Submit a FREE Entry" button.

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How much can I win?

You can win up to 10% of the total weekly winnings. For example - If the total winnings from the Lotto lines we purchase in a single Saturday draw is ten million. You could win/claim up to one million pounds (£1,000,000).

The min payout threshold is £5 per winning entry.

How many entries can I submit?

You can submit an entry every day. As we buy lines on the Lotto's (UKs National Lottery) Saturday Draw, you can submit a maximum of 7 entries each week - one every day.

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How do I claim my winnings?

Simply click your "USERNAME" when you see it. Sign in to the site and click "Play Lotto FREE" then "View Winning Entries & Claim". If your username is displayed, you have a winning entry. Simply click your "USERNAME" to submit your claim. You have until the next Lotto draw to submit your claim.

How do you select the winning entries?

We randomly select 60 winning entries each week. Each randomly selected entry is a winner and can claim an equal share of the total winnings from the Lotto lines we purchase in a single Saturday draw.

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How do you select the numbers?

We use the numbers, members have selected & lucky dips We either purchase lines made up of the most common numbers, members have selected in the "Daily Draw" or we purchase lucky dips. Lucky Dips are randomly selected numbers by the Lotto website.

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