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It is completely FREE to Join & Play, FREE Cash Lotto!

Todays Top Prize is £500 Plus there’s more FREE Cash to be won with your "Family & Friends" and our "Bonus Draw", see below for more details.

FREE to Join, FREE to Play, FREE Cash!, The ads, offers and surveys on the site pay for the prizes
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WIN £500

The Daily Draw

Every day at 7 pm (UK GMT) "FREE Cash Lotto" draws 4 Balls, if the balls match yours you have WON & can claim FREE Cash!

Ball 1 is the members initials (for example John Smith "JS"). You select balls 2, 3 & 4 from "01" to "50".

Game rules apply

Example Draw FC-07-32-18, WIN £500

Next Daily Draw is in

It's FREE to JOIN FREE to Play 100% FREE Cash to be WON!

Daily Draw winners from the last 14 days

  • STEPHENRE… Yesterday
  • DRAMACREA… Yesterday
  • BOLDTOUCH Yesterday
  • FACERRACER Yesterday
  • BLOCKBEAU… 21st Aug 2019
  • EIFERSU 21st Aug 2019
  • ELEGANTSP… 21st Aug 2019
  • SANDSTORM 20th Aug 2019
  • ITWASNTME 20th Aug 2019
  • ROLLINS 20th Aug 2019
  • ANGELBERRY 20th Aug 2019
  • LOLFOOL 20th Aug 2019
  • DOODLES 19th Aug 2019
  • DAISYLOUI… 18th Aug 2019
  • HAZZLEDAZ… 18th Aug 2019
  • BROKENSMI… 18th Aug 2019
  • BABYSLAMM… 18th Aug 2019
  • TOPCOMMAND 17th Aug 2019
  • BAKINGBRA… 17th Aug 2019
  • RUNNERMAN1 17th Aug 2019
  • AWESOMEBE… 17th Aug 2019
  • WINDYMILL… 16th Aug 2019
  • KHAMBA 16th Aug 2019
  • FLUFFY 16th Aug 2019
  • PRETTY 15th Aug 2019
  • SKYBULLY 14th Aug 2019
  • LILY 14th Aug 2019
  • INSTAGENI… 14th Aug 2019
  • SMILEEVER… 14th Aug 2019
  • MERRICKTA… 14th Aug 2019
  • RIDGERUNN… 13th Aug 2019
  • ZOMBIEEDGE 13th Aug 2019
  • ANONYMOUS 13th Aug 2019
  • HAVEFAITH… 13th Aug 2019
  • SOBERSLAP 12th Aug 2019
  • PEASEBLO 12th Aug 2019
  • DREDD 12th Aug 2019
  • CUTEOWNER… 11th Aug 2019
  • MINDPROBE 11th Aug 2019
  • PEACEDUDE 11th Aug 2019
  • DROCK 11th Aug 2019
  • CYKA_BYLAT 10th Aug 2019
  • MOONKILLER 10th Aug 2019
  • FIXIN 8th Aug 2019
  • DOVEGIRL 8th Aug 2019
  • MIDNIGHTR… 8th Aug 2019

Family & Friends

They win YOU WIN!

Family & Friends

Each time one of your referrals claims "FREE Cash" in our "Daily Draw" you WIN!

Simply "Check for Winners" on your "Friends & Family" page to see if any of your referrals have claimed "FREE Cash" in the "Daily Draw". If they have claimed you will be able to claim the same amount of "FREE Cash".

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Bonus Cash

Every day at 10 am (UK GMT) our "Bonus Draw" selects a username from our database. If you see yours you're a WINNER!

Receive "Bonus Cash" when you...

£5Join FREE

£1Refer a friend

1pView the "Daily Draw"

Maximum £100 per Win / Claim

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Do I have to pay anything?

You don't have to pay anything to join "FREE Cash Lotto", you don't have to pay anything to be a member and you don't have to pay anything to receive FREE Cash!

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100% ad-funded

You might be wondering how we can give away money for free. It's pretty simple really. The ads, offers and surveys on the site pay for the prizes. A bit like ads in a free newspaper.

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Do I select my own numbers?

The first ball is made up of your initials, for example, John Smith would make ball 1 "JS", ball 2, 3 & 4 you can choose your numbers between 01 & 50. You can change your numbers at any time, ready for the next "Daily Draw".

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How do I receive FREE Cash?

If you have Won/Claimed "FREE Cash" in our "Daily Draw" (or through any of our other draws/competitions/games) we will contact you within 7 days to validate your win and pay you your "FREE Cash" using PayPal, Amazon Vouchers or Bank Transfer.

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