Double Down to double the amount you can WIN in our FREE Cash Lotto!

Double Down

When you "Double Down" you double the amount you can WIN!

£2.50 for Balls 1 & 2 becomes £5

£25 for Balls 1, 2 & 3 becomes £50

£250 for Balls 1, 2, 3 & 4 becomes £500

How much does it cost?

It’s completely FREE to "Double Down". You just need 5 x "Free Cash Lotto" (FCL) Credits.You receive 5 credits simply by "Joining FREE!"

Join FREE now to receive 5 credits

What are FCL Credits?

"FCL Credits" is short for "Free Cash Lotto Credits". "FCL Credits" are a Free Cash Lotto currency. Members use our "FCL Credits" to "Double Down" on the "Daily Draw".

How do I get FCL Credits?

There are lots of ways to find/receive FCL Credits. For example, every day you view the "Daily Draw" you receive 1 FCL Credit. More can be found by simply joining "Free Cash Lotto", Referring "Family & friends", the list goes on...

How do I Double Down?

Simply view the "Daily Draw" and click "Double Down". You have to be a member, signed in and have 5 FCL Credits.

How often can I Double Down?

You can "Double Down" on every "Daily Draw" Simply view the "Daily Draw" and click "Double Down". You just have to make sure you have enough FCL Credits.

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  • SHOWROOM 11th Sep 2019
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  • ANGELGIRL 4th Sep 2019
  • HONEYBEAR… 3rd Sep 2019
  • BOTHSIDES… 3rd Sep 2019
  • HULUGIRL 3rd Sep 2019
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